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Roman, SR. Comparing K-Wire Fixation To A New Device
Used For Proximal Interphalangeal Fusion. Podiatry Institute
Update 2011: The Proceedings of the Annual Meeting of the
Podiatry Institute.

Surgeons seek a means of providing fixation that is more stable
than a K-wire as well as to mitigate the difficult postoperative
management required by patients receiving this type of fixation.
This article summarizes the design rationale for the ARROW-LOK
Digital Fusion System and compares test results between it and
the K-wire. Topics also include an overview of the operative
technique and the method of implant removal.

Roman, SR. Surgical Tips And Tricks When Correcting
Hammertoe Deformities Utilizing An Intramedullary Device
For Proximal Interphalangeal Fusion

A novel intramedullary device is now available to treat hammertoe
deformities. While most surgeons are comfortable with the surgical
technique to treat hammertoes using K-wires, the insertion technique
for an intramedullary device, although similar to that for a K-wire,
requires specific techniques to take advantage of the implant’s
design features. This article offers operative techniques
observed by the designing surgeon and other highly experienced
users that facilitate the use of this implant and help ensure the
most positive clinical outcomes possible.

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