In planning and research prior to design of the ARROW-LOK™ implant, the surgeon design team identified performance objectives for the new implant that would offer clinical advantages over current implant alternatives. These design imperatives included:

Stable fixation

  • Keep completely intramedullary with no parts of the implant exposed outside the skin.
  • Maintain the initial compression applied at insertion.
  • Resist the rotational and pull-out forces affecting the lesser toes.

Simple implant design

  • Avoid introducing potential stress-risers and the need to assemble intraoperatively by developing a one-piece design.
  • Provide anatomic sizing to fit a broad range of patient anatomy.
  • Fit the patient’s natural toe anatomy by providing a neutral and 10° plantar angle.
  • Minimize bone removal with a low-profile design.
  • Maintain uniform strength characteristics throughout the implant.
  • Ensure the product material has a proven long-term biocompatibility so it can be safely implanted permanently. Will not require removal like the K-wire.

Efficient technique

  • Create an operative technique similar to that for K-wire fixation with little additional complexity, such as drilling, tapping, or bulky instrumentation.
  • Remove little or no bone when preparing the bone for implant insertion while compacting cancellous bone to enhance stable fixation.
  • Enable variations in implant placement with respect to the fusion site without any impact on implant effectiveness.
  • Allow enough versatility within the interaction between instrument and implant such that the technique may adapt to surgeon preference and patient anatomy.

Proven material

  • Must be biocompatible, clinically proven, extensively studied, and commonly used for permanently implanted medical devices.
  • Bending and fatigue characteristics able to endure the forces exerted on the lesser toes without having to add unnecessary material volume.
  • Capable of being efficiently manufactured to ensure reproducible results.
  • Does not require special handling or storage either preoperatively or intraoperatively.

Simple instrumentation

  • Instrumentation resembles those with which surgeons are familiar.
  • Emphasize simplicity to ensure reproducible results.

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