Simple instrumentation for an uncomplicated surgical technique: Ream, Broach, Insert and Compress. The ARROW-LOK™ Digital Fusion System is simple, easy, and effective.


  • 1.6mm diameter stainless steel.
  • Smooth trocar tip that creates a pilot hole without removing bone.
  • 5mm graduations from the tip serve as a depth gauge for reamer insertion.
  • Advancing the reamer may also provide the surgeon with an initial indication of the patient’s relative bone quality.


  • Inserted into the pilot hole created by the reamer, the broach forms a channel in the intramedullary canal that conforms to the shape of the 3-dimensional arrowhead tip of the ARROW-LOK implant.
  • Conserves bone by compacting the cancellous bone of the phalanx to enhance the engagement of the ARROW-LOK implant’s arrowhead tip upon implantation.
  • 2.7mm width creates 0.8mm of press-fit for the 3.5mm diameter arrowhead.

Insertion Forceps

  • Firmly grasps the ARROW-LOK implant preventing both rotation and translation to ensure the implant is placed securely in the broached pilot hole.
  • Cannulated to hold the implant securely.
  • Provides a positive stop to prevent the implant from translating when placing the intermediate phalanx over the implant.
  • Able to grasp the implant at the position determined by the surgeon to place the implant in the best position in relation to the fusion site.
  • Surgeons have the freedom to place the implant where they believe it is best positioned and are unrestricted by either implant or instrument design.
  • Slender tip minimizes the translation when compressing the two bones to the final locked position following disengagement of the insertion forceps.

Attention Patients

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