About Us

Founded in August 2010, Arrowhead Medical Device Technologies, LLC specializes in rapidly developing, manufacturing, and distributing medical devices utilized in the treatment of musculoskeletal conditions. The headquarters is located just outside of Memphis, Tennessee, a region recognized as one of the world’s premier sites for musculoskeletal medical device innovation. Arrowhead received clearance to market its initial product, the ARROW-LOK™ Digital Fusion System in October 2010, performed the first surgeries in December 2010 and commenced unrestricted distribution in February 2011. Arrowhead plans to expand its product lines to include additional sizes and applications for the ARROW-LOK technology. In addition, the management of Arrowhead is actively seeking innovative medical device technologies that serve to improve patient care in an effective and affordable manner.

Attention Patients

Would you like your surgeon to use the ARROW-LOK Digital Fusion System for your hammertoe correction?

Call us at 901.853.4366 or email us and we will direct you to an ARROW-LOK surgeon.