Value Proposition

The ARROW-LOK™ Digital Fusion System offers significant benefits
to both patient and surgeon that are superior to other fixation devices.


  • Not necessary to learn a new surgical technique. The ARROW-LOK technique is similar to the technique when using a K-wire and other advanced intramedullary fusion devices.
  • Implanted completely intramedullary.
  • Versatile instrumentation allows the surgeon to adapt the operative technique to personal preference and patient anatomy.
  • Frees up the time a surgeon usually must carve out to schedule an additional unreimbursable procedure required to remove K-wires.


  • Intramedullary implantation eliminates the risk of pin tract infections. Saves the patient time and discomfort of an additional procedure. The patient does not need to see the doctor for another procedure to remove K-wires.
  • Can enable mobility sooner than with traditional fixation by allowing earlier weight-bearing with a rigid sole shoe.
  • No exposed wires to get caught on bed sheets and other items encountered during the activities of daily life.

Attention Patients

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